1.  Fighting for my Life:  Finding Hope and Serenity on Martha’s Vineyard —-



This 130 page hard cover book serves as a testament to the power of art to help heal the soul.  It contains twenty five pages of my personal story of hitting rock bottom and the blessings I received when getting well.  It is a compendium of my favorite Vineyard photos and the meanings and lessons I associate with each.  Martha’s Vineyard is my spiritual home and I hope you enjoy the many photos, taken in the perspective of healing  and the need to pay it forward.  $24.95
New Paths

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2.  Vineyard Serenity Calendar – September 2016 – December 2017  —



Purpose and Description


I hope the printing of the “Vineyard Serenity” Calendar will become an annual tradition on Martha’s Vineyard.  I have an ambitious goal of  raising $10,000 on an annual basis to support the New Paths Addiction Treatment Program at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. But equally important to the funding, is raising public awareness that addiction can devastate all communities, including the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard.


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